Dividends and P&G’s head of brands discusses pivot to stay at home products

One of the best companies to own as a dividend investor is P&G, sales are very good, they have over 20 billion dollar brands and they have raised their dividend for years. The company is also doing things to capture the consumer market whether that is at home or hopefully when we are all able to move around again. Sometimes the company is lucky and sometimes the company has the resources and ability to make a pivot or change and still make profits.

In an article by Joseph Pisani of Associated Press interviewed Marc Pritchard, P&G chief brand officer.

The lucky part was Microban 24, the company had been working on the product for years and they launched right when the pandemic hit. Sales have been very good.

The launch of Dawn dish soap that sprays? The idea came from observing consumer behavior and seeing people wash one dish at a time. How do you make it easier? The product makes the process easier, you do not need to scrub, you just spray it and then either wipe or rinse off.

P&G is using less plastic and less water in their products? People care about the environment and P&G is changing.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, P&G constantly changes, although the brands are still very popular which means P&G invests in consumer research and putting capital dollars to change the processes to match consumer demand, which is a balancing act for management.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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