Dividends and Dr. Martens to be valued at $5 billion in public debut on London Stock Exchange

If you talk to young people and ask them about footwear, many of them will know the brand Doc or Dr. Martens because the boot is fashionable in the music scene. The reason the boots are fashionable is they air-cushioned boots with the distinctive yellow stitching. If you are a runner and see the air cushioned running shoes, you understand the air cushioned boots.

In an article by Pan Pylas of the Associated Press, Dr. Martens was founded after WWII in Germany by Dr. Klaus Maertens. He had a broken foot and teamed up with a mechanical engineer Dr. Herbert Funk and designed a shoe with an air-cushioned support. The big buyers in the early years were older women.

In 1960, a British firm Griggs bought an exclusive license to the company and added the yellow stitching. The music industry discovered the boots along with factory workers.

The company was sold to private equity firm Permira who installed new management and restructured the company. Chief Executive Kenny Wilson said the company which sells about 11 million pairs a year in 60 countries has room for expansion. Permira is selling 35% of the equity.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, many companies go through cycles, but if the company has consistent sales and offers potential there will be people who want to own the company. In the case of Dr. Martens boot sales are consistent and the owners were satisfied with constant sales, but many things can be better, but the key is consistency of revenues.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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