Dividends and Hidden in Plain Sight

If you are an investor, you should like reading for all the reasons why reading is a good thing to do. Most of read a specific type of writing – if you are an investor and the theme is something to do with investing or ideas you are thinking about, so much the better. Once in a while it is good to read nonfiction, because it is often loosely based on reality.

An example of nonfiction is a book by Jeffery Archer titled Hidden in Plain Sight, published by St. Martin’s Press, NY, 2020. Mr. Archer is a well known writer some of his books were turned into movies and his specialty is courts and the law. Millions of people have read Mr. Archer and hopefully millions more will read him into the future, they are a good read. The book Hidden in Plain Sight is about the police, art and illegal grow ops, mingled together. In many countries, the product of grow ops was illegal, but now some of it is legal, however the theme is still very plausible to write about.

In the book, the police wanted to capture the king pin of the grow up, who lived a very comfortable lifestyle as the President of a small import and export firm. How was he living the billionaire lifestyle on a millionaire income? The kingpin was using a grow op to grow, distribute drugs and collect the money. How do the police close the operation when it is located in an urban high rise surrounded by lookouts? After determining where the grow op was, they studied the movements and the easily way was to blend the police into using public transit which happened to stop outside the high rise. It took time to determine the easy way, because if the police were first examining the way they could do it using their special forces expertise the high level criminals would have escaped though other routes, was there an easier method?

Linking to dividend paying stocks, we all are trying to determine which stock to buy and hold and increase our wealth and we look at multiple alternatives. Sometimes the answer is as simple as what is in front of you, what do you know about and study on a normal consistent basis? Sometimes the answer is how do you make your money and examining linkages to that industry or there is no correct method. The best method is to find profitable companies that make money and can pay dividends, if they do not pay then find alternatives. Sometimes the best investments are the ones everyone missed because they are hidden in plain sight for everyone to see.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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