Dividends and Microsoft unveils plans to revamp Bing using AI

In the world of investing and almost every other industry, new products are needed and pushed to investors to continue to invest in the different stocks. It seems there are many trends, some stick and some do not, no one really knows what will stick and what will not. At the moment, the letters AI are the buzzword and companies have used different levels of AI for generations. What is happening is AI is becoming mainstream to normal operations of technology uses. A couple months ago Chat GPT was released and there was excitement of what it can do and what does that mean in the future. The reality is the big tech companies have been spending on AI for a long time, but it was in house rather than for the general public.

AI will change and enhance customer service to ensure customers want and pay for the goods and services they desire. In the coming months all companies will be telling their customers who they use AI.

For Microsoft, the reality of search is over 90% is done through Google, Microsoft has less than 5% market share.

In an article by Jeffery Dastin of Reuters, Microsoft unveiled enhancements to its search engine called Bing and the Edge browser. Microsoft will be using OpenAI and will use that operating system.

Microsoft is starting with laptop but soon with bringing the technology to the smartphone. Microsoft has the number three market share in the Cloud behind Amazon and Google and will bring OpenAI to it.

Gartner analyst believes the partnership with OpenAI is more relevant for business customers and consumers will have to wait for a few months, but something could be disruptive.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, all companies have to pay attention to the trends which flow through the marketplace and the trends with are or should be longer lasting. It is important to ask what improvements is AI making for the customer and the company?

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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