Dividends and Startups showcasing products at CES tech show face cautious investors

If you are an early adopter of technology, then every January you wait for the CES Tech Show in Las Vegas. This is a new year, and every industry and service will have their convention, where you can see or listen either in person or on Zoom the latest trends in the industry. The first show is the technology show, but all cities have convention centers, and they need to be filled on a regular basis. Some conventions have more impact with the leading companies and companies which need introductions or partnerships with the leaders. In the case of technology, the CES is the place to go first.

In an article by Haleluya Hadero of the Associated Press, more than 1,000 startups were showcasing their products hoping for the all-important buzz and looking for investors to help the business grow. At the show, the big names in tech are represented as more than 3,000 companies were registered to attend or paid money to attend. (if you would like an idea of the show, the Net staring Sandra Bullock).

In keeping with the times, we are in, many companies showed products that could be used sooner than if a number of things happen and stars align, but if they do not the projects never saw the light of the day.

One reason to be at this particular convention for a startup is the organizer the Consumer Technology Association has a program called CTA Match. This program pairs startups with investors who might be interested in their products. Brian Comiskey. the director of thematic programs said many companies have showcased items that can be rolled out soon or are innovations that could be deployed if they have the right investors.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives noted the clock struck midnight in terms of tech investors giving money away free money. There’s a lot more competing for capital.

Saving money has now become a big priority for the tech industry, a shift from the past when more analysts and investors were more focused on how companies were growing.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, for your investments, you can see how the industry is doing through conventions. Who is buying space? who has a little display? At conventions there is a gathering from people in the industry, people wanting to sell to the industry and people who want to get into the industry and the curious, hopefully wherever you are you will always be curious.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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