Dividends and New Chatbot is a code red for Google’s business

If you were looking for something on the computer, the chances are you used google as a search engine, you were not alone for billions of people did the same thing – used google as a search engine. It is good, it is ad free, it works very well, once you get to the site where you are going the ads pop up and Google makes 80% of its revenues selling ads.

In all industries, in all products there is a competition and since 2000 we have become accustomed to one product or service that is called a disruptor or revolutionize an industry. For google search, there are many barriers to entry to scale up and the world likes google search.

In an article by Nico Grant and Cade Metz of the New York Times News Service, there is competitor, or it looks like there could be a competitor to google search. The competitor is Chatbot or ChatGPT.

Not that google has been caught flatfooted, google and many other companies, labs and researchers have helped build this technology. Chatbot is using artificial intelligence and can serve up information in clear, simple sentences rather than internet links. ChatGPT was released by a research lab called Open AI.

The language at ChatGPT os called LaMDA or Language Model for Dialogue Applications.

It is important to remember as successful as Google is, no company is invincible, all are vulnerable, says Margaret O’Mara, a professor at University of Washington. For companies that have become extraordinary successful doing one market defining thing, it is hard to have second act with something entirely different.

Google will be hosting a major conference in May about AI and how they will respond to the challenges.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, there is a reason why google has continued to be the number one search engine and it is partly the infrastructure they have developed and continue to develop, no one comes close. No one company makes all the right decisions, but with the talent within and available to google as well as the resources to throw at the problem, solutions can be found. Changing your search engine will not happen overnight, but if you change and see people around you are changing then it is safe to find new alternatives. In the meantime, understand the are search has many variables behind it and google leads the way, almost but not quite a monopoly.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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