Dividends and New Zealand escalates trade dispute

We all have our perceptions of the world’s trade and that is good. In the dairy industry, if you were thinking about a powerful dairy industry, you might think of Wisconsin and you would be correct, they have a large dairy industry. The largest dairy industry in actually in California, Wisconsin is second to California.

If you think worldwide, which country has 35% of the world trade in dairy products? If you guessed New Zealand you would be correct. Despite being closer to Australia than any other country, the country of 5.1 million people ranks about 7 or 8th in terms of milk production and accounts for 35% of the world trade in dairy products. Do you remember the ads about New Zealand and Lord of the Rings, do you remember seeing cows?

In an article by Steven Chase of the Globe and Mail, both New Zealand and the US are pressuring the trade panel to look at the rules which limits their ability to sell to the Canadian market.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, we all have perceptions of the market and that is good but sometimes facts come forth which changes your thinking. Some companies or industries are under less marketing lights for we do not see them at first glance. When you do your homework, looking for profitable companies you are not looking for the ones in the spotlight, jus the ones that can consistently make profits to pay dividends. After you own them, let others enjoy the spotlight, you can enjoy the dividends.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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