Dividends and Fears over Russian threat to Norway’s energy intrastructure

Every technology invented will have some great attributes or wide-ranging uses for non-military uses. The same technology can be used for military purposes. A case in point is drones and the use of them. It is very common for domestic pipeline companies to use drones to investigate their pipelines, if something happens, the drones can make it to the scene first and actions can be taken at the control center and on the ground. Drones are in use for construction buildings for engineers to investigate how things are going and you can imagine hundreds of other uses. In the Russia-Ukraine conflict we have seen drones carrying missiles cause damage to both sides. The use of technology to hamper the ground game of humans.

In an article by Mark Lewis of the Associated Press, there are great amounts of oil and gas under the North Sea and on the Norwegian side, Norway has offshore platforms to pump out oil and gas to Europe. (there are very interesting videos on You Tube about putting pipelines from the platforms to the collection stations to be sent to Europe). Recently Norwegian oil and gas workers have been seeing drones buzzing overhead. Officials believe there are not the competition but sent from Moscow as a stark warning.

Norway has taken the top exporter of oil and gas to Europe away from Russia and this has meant Norway’s Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store has sent the navy and fighter planes to the scene, he has also asked co-operation of the navies of Europe to help out. Norway is investigating who was controlling the drones and for what purposes.

Norway has about 15,000 miles of pipeline that bring Norway’s oil and gas to Britain and Europe.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, when you invest in companies you are hoping they follow the law of the land and make profits to pay dividends. If the investment does that, you can hold on to your stocks for years. Most of the infrastructure which companies build is built on the goodwill of the people of the country, and it is important that goodwill remains high. For some industry that typically function out of the spotlight, their abilities ensure the government’s interest is always a high priority to ensure the continual functioning of the infrastructure. It is good to have the government as a partner.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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