Druzhba pipeline leak reduces Russian oil flows to Germany; accident cited as likely cause

If you listened to some of the debates during the election, you would have heard some conspiracy theories. Whether it is good or not, the issue is more conspiracy theories pop up but for the corporate world they have to operate on facts, not conspiracy theories. In Europe, whenever something bad happens the Russian and Ukraine conflict is a first on the list of blame.

In an article by Marek Strzelecki and Miranda Murray of Reuters, Germany said it was receiving less oil but still had adequate supplies after Poland found a leak in the Druzhba pipeline that delivers crude from Russia to Europe. Germany believes the leak was an accident rather than sabotage.

Drone footage showed a black stain of oil from the underground pipeline spreading across farmland at the site. The refinery which supplies 90% of Berlin’s fuels said deliveries were taking place but at reduced capacity.

All potential causes of the leak are being considered a spokesman for the Polish security services.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, it used to be when things happened there was time to detail with the issue, but technology and drones allow for instant communications, the reasons will come to the forefront and companies must make a statement. Every company worries if the statement is material or not and what effect the stock price will be. People have ideas and there are plenty of them, but facts are what you invest on, leave the conspiracy theories to politicians.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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