Dividends and France mulls restrictions on private jets as a way to curb climate change

One of the major concerns for the next number of years is climate change and people and companies will have to deal with. In every issue there is low hanging fruit because people can see the issue and it is readily available for solutions to be called for. It does not mean the issue is solved but there are starting points.

In Europe where climate change is seen everyday, countries such as France are going after low hanging fruit which also has political benefits. In the world of air travel, there are Boeing and Airbus planes moving people around and the manufacturers come up with energy saving measures on every new plane. For some, private jets are a way to travel and generally those either in high levels of government or corporations or very wealthy individuals have access to the planes.

In an article by Constant Meheut of the New York Times News Service, the aviation sector is considered one of the world’s top carbon emitters. And private jets are estimated to 5 to 14 times as much pollution as commercial planes per passenger, and 50 times as much as trains according to a study published by Transport & Environment.

In France, because of Paris and the Mediterranean Rivera (including Monaco) had the 2nd highest level of emissions from private jets in Europe, after Britain. In 2019, one tenth of all the country’s outbound flights were with private jets.

The result of this is there are now apps on social media which track flights. The government of France is considering limiting private jets usage.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, many profitable companies have their executives use private jets to save time and allow them to work. Social media will eventually track the flights for the environment, there are hedge funds which track executive jets to see patterns – why is a jet used by company A going to a place where it usually does not? who and what are they seeing? There is a need and usage of private jets but beware every year some aspects of corporate world is tracked for all to see and those that use the planes may have to justify it.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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