Dividends and Gladiator opening

Every year a blockbuster movie is released in the hope it will be a blockbuster movie or a movie that makes a lot of money for the film company. One of the blockbusters of the past was a movie called Gladiator staring Russell Crowe directed by Ridley Scott. Having seen the movie more than once, the movie is a good movie.

You Tube has many videos on it and one of them is the opening from the movie. In the movie, Rome which is the center of the universe and ruled by Cesar. There were many good things about Rome for hundreds of years including its building of infrastructure – both to move water and roads or people. The procedures of the Roman Legion was a reason why the Empire was successful.

In the opening of the movie, there is the final battle between the Roman Legions whose General is Russell Crowe and the people of Germania which Rome decided to rule over. Both sides had equally determined people and the leaders of both sides were interesting people. What was the difference? Technology. Rome had more weapons for use in order to preserve the men before they came into contact with one another.

The Romans had catapults which could be used to throw rocks but in this case were used to throw pots of tar set on fire – the idea was to hit a tree and the fire would result to the environment and on people.

The Romans had the use of the long bow arrows, while the Germania army used short arrows. The difference is how far the arrow can travel. The long bow gives an advantage, for the arrows are fired first then people move from their positions.

The Romans had the advantage of a hill, their people would be going down the hill, while their opponents had to strike their swords higher than normal or would be exhausted sooner than the Romans.

The Romans had a cavalry or people on horses, the horses had plating on them and in the movie the General was able to go behind the Germania army to strike them from the rear.

The Romans had other aspects to their battle, but those are the ones that can easily be seen.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, often times these companies have more weapons they can use including regulatory ones in the office buildings. When you invest in profitable company, you expect they have more than one revenue source, for example J&J has 20 billion dollar brands, some of them should be able to perform well if they others have a okay year. There are many examples of profitable companies sources of revenues, once you understand the companies you invest in you will be able to enjoy the summer, watch blockbuster movies and earn dividends along the way.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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