Dividends and Amazon workers vote against unionizing 2nd warehouse

In the world of unions, there are ups and downs similar to every other industry. Recently unions were excited because an Amazon facility voted to join a union. However not all warehouses are the same and people are individuals with different values and belief systems.

In an article by Doyinsola Oladipo and Jeffery Dastin of Reuters, an Amazon warehouse across the street from the Amazon warehouse which voted to join the union, voted against joining the same union. There are always reasons for and against to joining an union and many of the issues depend on whether the people think they will be at the location for an extend period of time.

Companies like to hire part time and if you are part time, likely working one or more jobs, you do not expect to stay at a location and while higher wages are desired the expectation just because you are in an union they will not come. There are multiple reasons to vote for and against a union.

However, the voting against the union means that other warehouses will see and hear about the result or the next warehouse is not a given they will vote for the union.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, when you own shares your concern is not how much the company pays its employees although you liked to believe they are paid a reasonable wage given the labor conditions in the town and city the locations are in. The reason you buy shares to hold on to for a long time is the company makes a profit and can pay a dividend. The other things are hopeful and part of the reason why consumers buy their products and services.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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