Dividends and Ford ramps up production of Lighting F-150 electric truck to meet demand

The most popular or best selling truck in America is the Ford F-150. It is the bread and butter of Ford Motor Company and similar to companies in the auto world, they look at Tesla and wonder how could they duplicate them and have the stock price of the company. In terms of duplication Ford announced it would change a plan in the Detroit area to make 40,000 electric F-150. It was a wonderful surprise and delight to receive 200,000 customers make reservations for the truck.

In an article by Joseph White of Reuters, Ford announced it had produced its first electric truck and expects to produce over 150,000 this year. One of the selling points of the truck is the electric battery can power a home or construction site. One can imagine for people living in areas where hurricanes are a common weather concern, having a Ford truck means the recovery is a little easier to rebuild. Perhaps in the future, some homes will need less electricity from the utility company or you will be able to sell excess capacity to the utility company from the vehicle. Another selling point is under the hood is luggage space or trunk size capacity.

In an interview with Jim Farley, the CEO of Ford he expects sales to increase and the market share for EVs is presently 75% of EVs are sold by Tesla. Mr. Farley also said the Ford F-150 is second to Apple iphone in revenue generation.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, all companies have or are judged by relatively simple metrics, later in the year you can ask does Tesla still have a 75% share or did it fall. Is the Ford F-150 still generating the type of revenues it did in 2021? Then you can find out out metrics which allows you to be comfortable in this case is Ford delivering on its execution of manufacturing? All companies have metrics, do you know your investment’s metrics to know if you are comfortable or do you need to look at alternatives?

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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