Dividends and Zurich Insurance removes Z symbol after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine

Every company in the world tries to brand itself to consumers to they often use a short form because it seems simpler. The company’s make a decision and then use the symbol on social media where symbols work very well. All is good until something in the world changes.

In an article in Reuters the insurance giant Zurich Insurance of Switzerland spent time and effort to brand itself with a white Z on a blue background. The traditionally conservative folks in Switzerland were very happy and the logo was used around the world. All was good.

Then Russia invaded Ukraine and a white Z became a symbol of Russian support. The letter Z has been used as a marking on Russian military vehicles taking part in the conflict and adopted by Russians supporting the war where it has been prominent on flags and at pro-Kremlin rallies.

Zurich Insurance has removed the Z symbol and replaced with the name Zurich.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, no one can control which symbol is used by people for causes both which the company supports and does not support. It is important to the public relations people to monitor rallies to see what symbols are used. If the symbols are used, which the company uses then it has to make a choice.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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