Dividends and Amazon, Reliance set to battle over India’s cricket media rights

In many countries around the world, although young people can do all types of sports, adults tend to like watching one sport over the rest. In the US, the National Football League and the championship game is the Super Bowl; in England, football or soccer is the number one sport; in India it is cricket. When a sport is number one, that means TV revenues will automatically be more for the media giant which telecasts the games. We see this play all over the world and some people will remember when Fox came to the US and bid high for rights to the NFL and Super Bowl; in India, two media giants are bidding for the rights.

In an article by Shilpa Jamkhandikar of Reuters, the telecast rights to India’s premier cricket league with its hundreds of millions of viewers is up for renewal. The exclusive 5 year TV and digital broadcast rights could run as high as $6.7 billion. The companies expected to make bids are: Amazon.com Inc, Reliance Industries. Sony Group and Walt Disney Co.

Cricket is the 2nd largest sport in the world with 2 and half billion fans and the IPL is like its Super Bowl said Anton Rublievskyi, head of Parimatch, a betting company that advertises at the Indian Premier League. 350 million people watch every week.

At the moment, Disney owned Star India is one of India’s top broadcasters.

India’s biggest retailer is the Reliance and its digital platform is called Jio and has a broadcasting joint venture called Viacom18. The group recently bought the rights to Spanish La Liga or football in Spain.

Amazon would the streaming on its Amazon Prime Video platform.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, all companies have a base of support and they try to diversify when and if the base changes. If you think about P&G, they started with Tide and have 10 divisions that make over a billion a piece. At the start of every year, they are in a very good place to start from to stay profitable, they need to execute on their marketing strategies. If they do well, the profits roll in and shareholders receive another increase in the dividend. The companies you invest what is they largest market and how consistent is it?

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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