Dividends and Amazon, Stellantis join forces on software-enabled cars, delivery vans

When you are the number three in the category, it is very difficult to move up to number one however it is certainly possible to do many strategies to ensure your survival. Often times people look towards the leaders of the industry, but there will be many other participants who can and do make money, they just are not the market leaders.

In the case of the auto world, Chrysler was always number 3 and a number of years ago merged with Fiat to become Stellantis.

In an article by Joseph White and Gilles Guillaume of Reuters, Stellantis and Amazon have decided to work together to develop cars and trucks with Amazon software and deploy electric vans in Amazon’s delivery network.

When you think about the Amazon trucks that deliver packages around the world, in the future many of them will be made by Stellantis. The truck’s software will have Amazon’s digital cockpit requirements for navigation, vehicle maintenance, ecommerce marketplace and payment services.

Stellantis will use Amazon or AWS as its preferred cloud provider, the trucks should roll out in 2023.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, every industry has many players although most of us focus on the leaders, just remember there is money to be made if a company has good margins even if it is not the top market name.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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