Dividends and Technical glitch at UK bank delivers $222 million in mistaken Christmas cheer

Most of us like the bank we use, however if it made a mistake and put more money into our accounts than normal, what would you do? We all know what we would like to do, but what would you do?

In an article by Amanda Holpunch of the New York Times News Service, the British bank Santander UK (parent company is Santander of Spain) made a computer mistake paying tens of thousands of people on Christmas Day. About 75,000 people received mistaken payments.

The banking system as it is, meant Santander send money to multiple banks, the payments were from the 2,000 commercial and corporate customers, somehow duplicate payments were made.

The bank can easily or reasonably easy access is own customers, however it needs the help of others to recover the money. What is not known is how banks will deal with customers who have spent the money.

When the banks make a large deposit by error and the person does nothing, the banks have used the law to arrest people on fraud and theft, but what about smaller amounts?

Linking to dividend paying stocks, the error by the bank shows how interconnected the world is and that is a great thing when everything works well. We have seen supplier issues because we contract out rather than do more things in house. It can be a concern, but things are not likely to change, the interconnections are likely to become greater as time goes by.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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