Dividends and Satellites sweep for world’s biggest polluters

If you think about the space race, the US and the USSR were trying to show the world they were the most advanced societies and the USSR put a satellite into space. The movies show the US military worried the USSR were listening to them. The USSR put the first man into space, but the US went to the moon, a number of times. Since those days, satellites have been used a regular tool by companies and governments. For the big telecommunications companies, you expect them to be using satellites to ensure your cell phone works, where ever you are.

If you think about the phrase they are listening to us, they maybe, but they are definitely watching us. Somewhere some satellite is watching you, although for the most part no one is very interested. What there is more of, is watching whatever the governments of the day are concerned about.

In a recent Wall Street Journal article by Timothy Puko, the European Space Agency has many satellites and some of they track environmental concerns. The European Space Agency released photographs of unreported leaks of methane gas from a Russian pipeline.

On one hand this is good news, one hopes the Russians fix the problem considering the President announced Russia will be carbon neutral by 2060 (or his last term in office). The photographs also tell you someone is watching or has the ability to watch over any landscape in the world.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, some of the best paying dividend stocks are pipelines. As investors you expect very few leaks for that is wasting money that could be going into your pocket. It also means, when there are problems companies have to show how they are fixing the problems and not try to hide the effects. There are fewer secrets so how does the company react to problems is the key. If they do their best to fix and learn, you can hold the stock. If they try to minimize, perhaps it is best to look for alternatives.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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