Dividends and US employers ratchet up pressure on unvaccinated workers

When people go to work for a company, there are rules within the company but for many work is work and when they are no longer being paid, the company is important in the background. The company will have interests that do not perfectly lined up with the employees, for example the division between corporate and personal taxes, who should pay and how much? As an individual you think you pay something but not too much, as a corporation, there are departments and consultants to ensure the company pays as little as possible and still be within the law.

In an article by Alexandra Olson of the Associated Press, companies are making decisions about their workforce and vaccinations. In most years, it would be an easy decision because public health is an easy answer, however politics has played a role and the decision for companies is complicated.

There is a portion of the population who do not want to be vaccinated and they are potential customers, on the other hand those who have been vaccinated do not necessarily want to work with those who are not. The other issue is if a company requires vaccinated people, will it cause a labor shortage or will those concerns be enhanced?

Health care companies started the be vaccinated or do not come to work because the health of the patient is the reason for the existence of the company. President Biden has mandated people working for the government need to be vaccinated or be tested twice a year and lose privileges on the job and likely promotions.

Walmart and Amazon have said no to mandatory vaccinations but rely on incentives to be vaccinated, however Walmart said if you work at head office you need to be vaccinated, which is strong signal to managers.

Blackrock, the global investment manager, is allowing only vaccinated workers into the offices but it expects people to work from the office in the near future.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, corporations and individuals often have competing interests and that is the way it should be. In the past, the corporate interests was the party or person who helped the corporate interest but public health is different and decisions are made for the interests of the people who work and are customers of the company.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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