Dividends and US infrastructure deal back on track after walk-back

If you can think about times before COVID, you might consider infrastructure bills pork bills. What that typically meant was a bill for infrastructure would be proposed and to pass it every Senator would add whatever his/her district needed. Some of the infrastructure was needed, some of it would be a bridge to nowhere, expansion of highways for easier access to cottages, you name it it was there. Was all of it necessary? no but it provided ribbon cutting opportunities and construction jobs in the district.

Post COVID, all the concerns are still abound but politics plays a greater role. In an article by Zeke Miller of the Associated Press, the $1 trillion bill backed by politicians of both parties seems to have legs to be passed. If passed, much of the spending would typically go to the biggest players in the field of construction, consulting, engineering firms, etc.

The politicians who back the bill, all say it is badly needed as infrastructure was talked about during the last administration, but little was done. Given the employment rates, construction jobs are a good thing for the public to see.

In the Senate, to pass the legislation 60 votes are needed, the Democrats can receive 50, plus the Vice President if needed or need at least 10 Republican votes. The Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has gone on various news shows to say he wants nothing done, because it would hurt Republican chances in 2022 elections. The Republican Senators lead by Mitt Romney believe infrastructure needs to be done and hopefully they pass the bill.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, invariably with a government bill of a trillion dollars some public companies will benefit for the money. The downside of government contracts is the time element which leads to advantages for larger established companies. With the signing of contracts, profitable companies will continue to have diversified income stream for a number of years to come.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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