Dividends and Trump’s largest lender, Deutsche, will no longer do business with him

Former President Trump had said he did not lose and went on a spree for months saying I did not lose I won. Since the vote was not in my favor it must have been rigged. The former President kept up with his public statements for months and it was repeated by those who were influenced by him. President Trump had the ability through social media to convince his supporters to support his preferred candidate in the primary or to determine who the Republican nominee would be. Without his social media platform it was going to be a debatable subject. All those Republicans who believed they need former President Trump’s help went along with his conspiracy theory ideas. The result was a high profile event more symbolical than anything else, the President led a charge to the Capital Building and people rioted. The politicians got out before they could be caught and protesters did damage to the building and some lives were lost. The symbolic event at the Capital Building has consequences.

Former President Trump was touted as a great marketer or branding particular his name, after the Capital Building his brand has been diminished. Companies paid for golf memberships and hotel runs and gave money to the Republican Party candidates have stopped or said they will not renew.

In an article by Tom Sims of Reuters, senior management of German Bank Deutsche Bank said they will no longer do business in the future with former President Trump or his companies. Deutsche Bank has $340 million in loans outstanding with the Trump Organization and some of these loans are personally guarantee by Mr. Trump.

The President set a record golfing for 315 days, primarily at Trump Golf Courses and the PGA which held tournaments at 2 of his courses are changing the venues of the event.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, for everyone and every organization there are consequences to actions, although no one knows where the line will be drawn. People feel they know where the line should be drawn, but where and when the public will let you know. It is fitting for President Trump whose line was kept being changed, it was just before his Presidency ended. In your investments, do you know where you would draw the line if the company did something you disagreed with?

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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