Dividends and Italy’s garbage production fell during the lockdown

When you are looking for dividend paying stocks, you are looking for utility type stocks which has the ability to pay dividends every year and if the stock has growth that is a bonus. One area of focus is waste disposable companies because they sign contracts to pick up and dispose garbage. The contracts do not say how much, but we do know if people recycle more, that aspect the city can gain some of its money back from the garbage contract. The waste disposable company picks up both – recycling and garbage.

In an article by Paolo Satnalucia and Nicole Winfield of the Associated Press, they examined the amount of garbage collected in Italy. Italian researchers estimate that during the month’s of Italy’s lockdown in March and April, production of garbage fell 500,000 tonnes or 10%. The bad news is given the use of masks and gloves, garbage is expected to rise 300,000 tonnes. The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research expects the new garbage will offset the old garbage.

If you think about shop and delivery at home, the packages come with plastic because that is a good way to protect the goods inside from the handling which must be done. The bad news is the plastic ends in thee garbage and some of it gains entry into the water systems. If you think about the some of the pictures of the Italian coastline and the Mediterranean Sea, Keiron Roberts, an environmental research fellow at the University of Portsmouth in England, says because of rain and runoffs at garbage sites, no area of the Mediterranean Sea where plastic has no impacted the shoreline.

In 2018, Italy’s National Center for Research reported the presence of microplastics on surface seawater off Italy’s coasts was comparable to the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. (there are You Tube vidoes to see people try to clean up the plastics in the Pacific).

Global sales of face masks is estimated to increase from $800 million in 2019 to 166 billion in 2020.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, in one of the classic movies The Graduate, Mr. Robinson says to Ben while he is in laying on a raft in the pool says the future is plastics. With more home deliveries plastic plays a role and cleaning up plastics will have to play a bigger role when people want to go to the sea again. One day, one of the chemical companies will figure out how to make plastic breakdown naturally, but for now there will and are companies that need to pick up garbage and clean the garbage from the oceans. Recurring income is the connection to a profitable investment.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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