Dividends and Apple shares rise 5% on blowout quarter

If you think about the public image of Apple’s advertising, you would think people needed to go to an Apple store to buy the latest iPhone to take great pictures and send them to friends and family. Due to COVID the stores are shut down and people have not been able to gather in groups. Is this good for Apple? one could make the rationale argument that no it is not good and Apple should have lower sales.

However, in large July Apple reported its quarterly results, and in every category and across the globe, people were buying its products and services. Apple reported great results.

iPhone sales were about $4 billion above analyst expectations, with 60% of sales coming from international markets and sales were $26.42 billion.

The next large segment of sales was services which is growing every year. The quarter brought in $13.2 billion up 15% from last quarter. Services has over 500 million subscribers (think Amazon Prime and if Apple were to raise fees) It is not surprising that the company has over $30 billion in cash.

Apple’s fiscal third quarter revenue and profits were $59.69 billion and $2.58 a share beating expectations of $52.25 billion and $2.04 a share.

Apple will be split its shares 4 for 1, the last split was in 2014.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, when you think about profitable companies you think money that comes in no matter the economy, which is the reason there are utility stocks in dividend portfolios. The recurring money allows management to meet their goals and when the plan is executed very well all investors are happy for the moment. If a company has recurring money, sometimes it does not matter as much who is the President as long as they do not mess things up, it happens.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions,

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