Dividends and Stay at home stocks rise from Wall Street's coronavirus rubble

As an investor you have watched the markets go up and down, but mainly down and all stocks have gone down something for selling affect all companies. It has been a month but it is time to see if there is anything that has gone up or stabilized. In an article by Noel Randewich of Reuters there are some stocks that have stabilized and may see gains.

While the service industry has been hit very hard, there are enough people still working or receiving an income that had their sales rise.

Meal-kit delivery company Blue Apron Holdings’s stock has risen but it should be noted prior to the surge, the stock fell due to growing competition and disappointing revenue. There is great competition in the space.

Zoom Video Communications has jumped as more employees working from home use the video conferencing app.

Domino’s Pizza is hiring more people to deliver pizza.

Walmart and Amazon announced they are hiring 250,000 temporary workers as demand has surged.

At home and when we go out we need to clean – Clorox and P&G make cleaning products.

Shoppers bought the inventory from grocery stores – Kroger and others have benefited and given they are deemed essential services, they should have a good quarter.

The companies trying to find a treatment such as Gilead Sciences and Regeneron Pharma have climbed and although the President likes to shorten the testing phase, it does take time. The time is usually measured in years, at the moment it is measured in months not weeks.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, similar to all stocks they have fallen in value. However parts of the economy continue and bills still need to be paid, for example your utility bill. Spending more time at home means continuing to use electricity and the government is sending money to everyone to pay their bills. It is hard to look at your portfolio when stocks in general decline, but consider why you bought the stock and is it doing what your bought it for – do they still pay the dividend? They you can see some bargains or stocks trading at large discounts, begin to buy them and wait for the long term and you will be wealthier.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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