Dividends and The Sports Bucket List

A number of years ago, Jack Nicolson and Morgan Freeman starred in a movie called the Bucket List. The movie featured two people who had terminal disease, although still active, starting talking about the things they always wanted to do and said why not now. They did things on their bucket list.

If you are a sports fan, you have a bucket list – from watching the team play in the finals of whatever sport you like to visiting the stadium, ideally to watch a game. Years ago, in a remote town the only TV came from a Detroit Superstation, it was not surprising that year people became fans of the Detroit teams. It used to be a function of where you live, the TV and radio would carry teams in the region, now with the internet whatever team catches your interest you can be a fan. For example, even though the writer lives in the Northeast, my favorite NFL team is New Orleans Saints.

In the book the Sports Bucket List by Rob Fleder and Steve Hoffman, published by HarperDesign, NY, 2018, it has beautiful pictures of sporting events which captures the beauty of the event. Looking through the book, many of the sporting events are timed to happen the same time every year, which helps them be in the news. For example:

opening day of the Major League Baseball is held at the Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio

the first Saturday in May is the Kentucky Derby

the second week of the Texas State Fair is the Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl which is a college football game between Texas Longhorns and Oklahoma Sooners. Given these 2 teams tend to be ranked in the top 10 nationally, the winner has an opportunity to be rated in the top 5 teams.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, one of the things you can do with your dividends is ensure your bucket list gets fulfilled. Whether you go one in a lifetime or every year, the issue with the sports events is they happen on a consistent and regular time. If you invest in dividend companies, you can expect consistent and regular earnings going to your account and have the choice to reinvest or ensure your bucket list gets smaller every year. The key is to have one a list for that means hope and expectations.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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