Dividends and Future of streaming takes top billing at this year’s CES

In every industry there is a convention, there is a convention for every interest under the sun but some conventions are bigger than others. One of the biggest is the annual Consumer Electronics Show or CES held in Las Vegas. According to an article by Mae Anderson of the Associated Press, the show is held the first full week of January and is expected to attract more than 170,000 with more than 4,500 companies exhibiting their products. In the electronics world, more than 50 football fields of space was filled with all kinds of devices to make your life easier.

One of the most important themes this year, is how will people watch more TV and use their phones to watch new services? The keynote addresses will focus on executives from TV networks NBC, CBS, video services such as Quibi and Tubi.

Streaming services are sold on a subscription basis – is there a limit to how many services consumers will pay for? will they adapt to separate prices with or without ads? or will they flock to free without original movies and shows? 5G is coming to make it possible to watch whatever, whenever will enough people pay?

Linking to dividend paying stocks, whatever sector your investments are in, it is worth seeing where the convention is. In every industry there are focused publications, which help keep you informed, but sometimes just walking around and seeing the people in the industry can make you an informed investor. The convention helps define what you are thinking or should be thinking about.

There are more questions than answers, till the nest time – to raising questions.

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