Dividends and Britain’s promised shale gas boom goes bust

In Texas and other parts of the US, one of the great success stories is the use of fracking to increase production of oil and gas to a point where technically the US is not dependent on any other countries oil and gas. The success has increased employment and taxes and allowed a swagger to be shown.

Other countries around the world have looked at America and said we should try it here. One of the countries that went all in was Britain or the UK. For other a generation, oil and gas for Britain has come from the North Sea but that resource is slowing down and will come to an end. In an article by Paul Waldie of the Globe and Mail, Britain currently imports 60% of it s gas. In 2013, the government was projecting 40 wells, over 60,000 jobs and $55 billion worth of investment. Stock promoters could learn something from the government.

At the present time, 3 wells were drilled and they all had to shut down due to minor earthquakes of 2.9 on the Richter scale. The public of the UK does not like fracking and the many protests cause government’s security cost to soar.

More importantly is there is a global supply problem, there is plenty of gas and in the world of market demand, prices have dropped. Why go ahead if is less expensive and easier politically to import gas? For now Britain imports gas.

Linking to dividend producing stocks, anything that works will be repeated, if it works to make consistent profits, you should see the same model all over the world. Fracking worked in the US, but there is more land in the US so the problems are not seen to the same degree as problems. In closer environments where people are easily found, they object, there are many stories in the Penn State area. Before you accept the concept ensure local conditions match closely.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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