Dividends and The Last Job

Most of us have a bias which is generally a good thing. We are bias in some careers or crimes are left to young people, when we age there is an expectation we will slow down. Part of the reason is pensions, if you have a good pension then you really do not need to work. What happens if you do not but over the years became use to living better than middle income or were in a profession where you wanted one last big score? What if you had only had the basic government pension? The book.The Last Job written by Dan Bilefsky published by W.W. Norton & Company, London, UK, 2019, helps to ruffle our age biases.

On an Easter weekend in London, England a crew of men used a power drill to break into the Hatton Garden Safe Deposit values to steal millions of dollars of jewels, diamonds, gold and cash. The average age of the thieves was 72 years.

With all high value robberies, much work goes into the planning and timing. The men were all grand fathers, long time thieves, spent half of their lives in jail and wanted one more kick at the can. When someone is retired, they have time to plan for meeting friends at a restaurant is a normal thing. The men met, had tasks assigned to each, went about their days helping to look after grandchildren and met in a few days to have more tasks. With planning for a long time patience is the key. This played to the strengths of the men and in the aftermath the police would be impressed.

The unimpressive part was execution and how and when to divide up the jewels and gold. One of the thieves drove his car to the heist but it had distinctive features and in England there are cameras everywhere. The thieves left clues that a law enforcement society could track them and eventually they were caught.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, everyone can do planning, as one gets older the planning can take longer or feels it can take longer. Similarly we all know the markets go up and down, your planning is what to do when the markets go down, what would you buy? and when the markets go up and the value of your assets is higher what do you do or not do? The planning helps make decisions, take time to make your investment decisions.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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