Dividends and Amazon to spend $700 million by 2025 to retrain workers

Amazon is the second largest private sector workers with 630,000, Walmart is the biggest. An on going problem is the right body with the right skills needed to accomplish the work of Amazon. According to am article by Joseph Pisani of the Associated Press Amazon will retrain at least 100,000 workers or those already working for the company in other positions.

For Amazon this action should cut down on the costs of employee turnover, and may even attract more people to get their foot inside the door. Most of the training will be free to Amazon employees.

LInking to dividend paying stocks as baby boomers retire the job market is changing and large companies can afford to retrain their employees. It is more important to understand the job turnover at the company and how after determining good people to hire the company keeps them for 10 years.

There are more questions than answers till the next time-to raising questions.





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