Dividends and Norway’s wealth fund clear to reinvest in Rio Tinto, others after ethics concerns resolved

The dominate players in the world’s stock markets are large funds or institutional funds. All the funds wish to beat the markets, but as institutions often they are held to different standards than an individual. One such fund is Norway’s $1 trillion wealth fund – the funds came from Norway’s north sea oil. Part of the fund is an ethical committee which reviews companies and attempts to stay away from direct investments in various criteria. With large companies it is often difficult to stay away 100% of the time. In an article by Gwladys Fouche of Reuters, the ethical committee of Norway has cleared Rio Tinto, Walmart, Grupo Carso SAB, General Dynamics, and Nutrien.

Linking to dividend stocks, the good news for investors is management can change and companies who are offenders of your ethics can be better citizens for the world.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time- to raising questions.

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