Dividends and Single use plastic ban

Many of us having conflicting goals and that is normal. We hear about plastics in the oceans, now micro platics all around us and when we shop there are many uses of plastics. Eventually we think some of the plastics should be cut.

In an article by Jeff Lewis of the Globe and Mail, reducing plastics has an impact on the demand for oil. Some of the best companies to own have been chemical companies. The oil industry supplies chemical manufacters with the building blocks needed to make the resins needed to make plastic ptoducts.

BP estimated a global ban on single use plastics would shave 3 million barrels a day from demand forecasts. Currently total demand is 100 million barrels a day.

Perhaps with a shift to electric vehicles global demand of oil will fall but we are not there yet.

In another 5 years looking at alternatives to the chemical companies will be on yor horizon.

There are more questions than answers- tll the next time, to raising questions.



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