Dividends and Top Largest Public Corporations by Capitalization

On You Tube there are many top 10 lists and there are always more each day. One of the lists was Top 10 Largest Public Corporations. The reason you may be interested in this type of list is to ensure you own some of the companies listed. The method is to multiply the number of shares outstanding by the price at closing of the company, It is important to note over the course of years, the list changes. At one time the big oil companies made up to 5 of the big companies. At that time, it would be logical to expect many of the fund companies would open the big companies – the oil companies. Times change, have you? The top 10 companies are

10.    Exxon Mobil

9.      JPMorgan Chase

8.      Ten Cent  of China

7.      Berkshire Hathaway

6.      Alibaba of China

5.      Facebook

4.      Microsoft

3.    Alphabet  or Google

2.     Amazon

1.     Apple

Linking to dividend paying stocks, the top companies in most countries change a little over time, but they do change. If you look at Forbes 20 years ago, 10 years ago and now there are changes in who is rich and which companies are the biggest. If your portfolio does not reflect it, there are ways you can benefit from the large tech stocks. The SPDR Tech index fund is used by many institutions; many US Dividend Stock funds are weighed heavily with tech. It is expected the tech will continue for more generations as our world changes.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.





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