Dividends and Swindle

On You Tube there are many up loads of movies and recently watched a movie called Swindle made in 2003. The movie stars Tom Sizemore, Sherilynn Fenn and they are trying to rob a bank. The movie is about a small disc which holds EURO plates or to print money and the reason why it would work is one of the countries in the EURO has not updated its technology to the latest technology to fend off criminals and counter fitters.

As the public, we expect that governments can and do stay up to the latest technology with regards to those elements we all have confidence in. Money is the big aspect, if the government adds different methods to print money, then we expect or assume all governments have made the switch to whatever has been agreed on.

It may be true, governments have made the switch, but are you positive? In the movie there is a laggard, which likely change on its own schedule. The premise of the movie is the leader was going in to copy the disc and walk out and would likely be allowed to walk out because she was not carrying any cash. The other robbers who thought there was a backway out, might be shot, but the leader was not going to be. Since this is a movie there is a twist, being an inside cop.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, it is hard for many companies to keep up to date with every new technology piece, particularly if the public begins to adopt the technology. Until the company adopts, there is an opening for a competitor or something wrong to happen. Hopefully with profitable dividend paying companies, the company can buy the companies with the new technology and be further ahead. That is the hope for investors, how well management executes and understands is something investors need to listen to.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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