Dividends and MacKenzie Bezos to grant Jeff Bezos 75% of couple’s stake in Amazon

Why nobody likes to see couples divorce, the reality is many do. One of the many consequences is the sharing of assets. Often times when someone is very wealthy and marries someone who is not, an agreement on which assets will be split is done before the marriage. In the case when both spouses have about the same income, there is less worry until much later when the marriage has dissolved. In the case of the Bezos, while the Bezos had some money to start the company, the early days of Amazon did not make the couple wealthy. They lived on hope and trying something new with the internet.

A number of years has passed, Amazon is a driving force in the economy and the Bezos have managed to keep a large number of shares and became billionaires. Technically and legally, MacKenzie was allowed to have 50% of the couple’s net worth and for a while the net worth was in the area of $143 billion. According to Jeffrey Dastin and Arjun Panchadar of Reuters, MacKenzie has settled for 25% of the assets or she will be worth about $36 billion. Jeff Bezos will keep the 75% of the shares of Amazon; he will keep the Washington Post and the rocket company Blue Origin LLC.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, one of the most important aspects of many companies is succession or who takes over the company next. For many dividend companies, a few families tend to have a great deal of control or seemingly control or influence of who the next management team will be. Sometimes the founding families are well into the 3rd or 4th generation, if they are interested. As investors, as long as the company is profitable is the first concern, the second concern is what influence do they families have and is there reasonable peace among the brothers and sisters. If there is, then you have less worries.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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