Dividends and Dragnet jail sentences

On the You Tube channel selections the TV series Dragnet came up and thus a number of shows were watched. The TV show has a distinction musical opening and for a long time the show was very popular. The show featured detectives lead by Sergeant Joe Friday who gave the voices to the action and the cases were based on true cases in Los Angeles.

There are many shows by this blog will focus on 3 of them. 2 people were robbing Candy Stores and receiving $20 to $50. The men were on skid road and needed extra spending money and thus robbed stores. There sentence 5 years in jail at San Quentin – a jail on an island near San Francisco.

The second person, heard someone wealthy was leaving the city from the pet groomer, broke in and stole jewellery valued at $25,000.  The person tried to sell the jewels at a seedy bar. When the police had a search warrant the person hid the jewels in the fish tank protected by Piranhas and was given 5 years in jail at San Quentin.

Another person, was running a pyramid scheme which only the first two levels make any money. In the scheme, a math professor was asked at the 18th level how many people need to buy into the scheme. The answer was 360 million, the US population at the time of the show was closer to 200 million. Sergeant Friday worked many hours on the fraud squad and a conviction was done. This was a person who was selling a pyramid scheme which cost people $299 to get in and in the past her husband had raised over a $100,000 in the 1960s. The court fell the person guilty, a $500 payment was made and a 6 month suspend sentence was the result. Who knows the person could have started up business the next week.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, why is it the white collar crime or stealing money does not result in a harsh sentence as robbing a store? There is no doubt, because of the lack of harsh sentences which means to take the proceeds of crime away from the person or they are not allowed to live a lavish lifestyle often is a serious deterrent from doing the same thing again. There are always multiple frauds going on and when you have made money the old fashion way or saving and using compound interest, if someone want s to steal your money there should be a jail sentence the same as if the person robbed the bank.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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