Dividends and The Diamond Heist

The Diamond Heist is a movie made in 1992 staring Ben Cross and Brian Dennehy about stealing a large uncut diamond. Every large city has their area where expensive jewelry is found – New York has 5th Avenue; Chicago has the Magnificent Mile, Hollywood has Rodeo Drive in one of those type of stores, an owner has bought the biggest diamond in the world to show it off. In the movie, all the high tech gadgets and apparatus are used to protect the diamond. Brian Dennehy plays a Police Officer; Ben Cross is the jewel thief.

If you watch the movie on You Tube, you can watch the thinking behind Ben Cross’s character of how to integrate himself into the store to try to figure out how to get in, take the diamond and equally important to get away safely. The movie has the pace of planning, but it was interesting something like a fishing pole is needed to gently push up the camera so the view is changed. If you install cameras can the vision be moved?

In the movie, there are a few twists and turns including a love interest, but for this blog the important aspect is the planning.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, in all markets, people want to sell high and that is a good thing to do. For most of us, we do not know when the market will be at the highest and lowest, but we do know dividend paying stocks will provide income while we wait and decide. Profitable companies tend to rise in value as the multiple to next year’s earning increases. Overtime dividend paying companies tend to rise in value, which increases your total return with limited risks. Patience is a good thing.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.


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