Dividends and Killing the SS

Killing the SS is a book by Bill O’Reilly and Martin Dugard published by Henry Holt & Company, NY, 2018 and is part of a series of Killing … series. Mr. O’Reilly is a journalist and was a host of a show till he had to move channels.

In the book, the authors focus on 4 people who had high positions with Nazi Germany and what happens after the war. By definition war is horrible and every year with better equipment, it becomes more horrible because people get killed very easily. After WW I, when Germany lost, it had to pay money to the UK and France but essentially the same people who ran Germany ran it again. The Kaisers were still in power. After WW II, the world slowly learnt about Germany’s desire to kill every Jew in Europe, people who had leadership in the system had to pay. There was the famous Neuremberg Trails but in reality Europe was in chaos for a few years and people left for other countries. Some in South America welcomed the Germans with open arms to be free citizens. While not every German who left Germany was a Nazi, some of the leadership did blend in to take on normal lives.

The book focuses on 4 people Adolf Eichmann, Martin Bormann, Klaus Barbie and Jose Mengele who were some of the worst people in the leadership of the Nazi party. These people were not just flowing orders, they were making the orders. One can imagine in the chaos of Europe, the war is over there has been a great amount of destruction and very few things have what we call law and order. Just surviving another day is the most important thing to do. Who was going to go after the leadership – the US and the west were worried about Russia and communism and Nazis had fought Russia, were they friends and allies? In some circles – the Spy service and what became NASA the engineers were welcomed because their expertise was technical in nature, rather than an ideology.

Finding the worst people is both lots of research, some luck and people believing the country where they are located welcome them and they can use their original names, for when they were fleeing Germany many changed part or all of their names. If people use their original names, sources such as the phone book were available, although the people who wished the worst Nazis to trial would never believe it was that simple, but sometimes it is.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, picking a good stock that will do well for a number of years involves research and some luck. You need to research to determine which stock do you want to buy, so patience is a virtue. Once you determine the various stocks you hope to buy when the stock market has fallen to pick it up when it is less expensive. Then with patience in your research, you collect the dividend as the price slowly or not so slowly rises to normal valuations. You are continuously learning because you need to know if the market goes down what should you buy?

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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