Dividends and Invictus

Most people know of Nelson Mandela who was the leader of South Africa. For over 100 years, South Africa had a system to divide the blacks and the whites because the whites were about 5 million in population and the blacks were 14 million and in the rural areas. In terms of the country, the Afrikaner, of Dutch decent ran the state – every cabinet minister, every army general, every police general, every senior intelligence officer was an Afrikaner. They also owned and farmed the land where 50,000 white farmers owned 12 times as much arable and grazing land as the country’s 14 million rural blacks. As keepers of the guns and food, the Afrikaners were the protectors of the rest of white South Africa.

Eventually the President of South Africa for a number of reasons handed the Presidency to Nelson Mandela. Since then whites and blacks are in Cabinet, nothing is perfect for anyone. Once Mandela took over the Presidency he faced a complex question of how to bring the country took to take the next steps. The country had all the elements of heavy internal violent divide, but Nelson Mandela tried to find ways to prevent violence. In South Africa he picked sports in particular the sport of rugby, there is a movie staring Morgan Freeman & Matt Damon and the book Invictus written by John Carlin published by Penguin Books, London, 2009. The sport of rugby was played, supported, talked about and passionate tales were told by white people. The black people played soccer (one of the reasons why the World Cup went to South Africa) and black people for the most part did not play or like rugby or the colors of the Springboks. The President brought the Rugby World Cup to South Africa and then the challenge was to get all of South Africa to root for the Springboks, spoiler alert they do. One of the more dramatic events is the plane just before the last game. The process is important or how he does it is what you can learn from the book or the movie.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, it is possible for items of established companies to go viral, but it is unlikely because they are part of the establishment. The challenge is to ensure people continue to use their products. The challenge is to continue to win over the non establishment by slowly embracing the good of the non establishment. For example the big brewery buys a craft brewery, this is good but the next thing they do is change the formula and roll out the craft national wide which a good craft brewery by definition can not be. The process in the operational aspect continues to be important or the how and why of the company.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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