Dividends and Museum of the Misssing

On the weekend, did you go into or pass an art gallery or museum? Hopefully many did and the art can help you see things or be a little creative. The art helps you see things because you stop in front of the art and after deciding why you like it, you ask yourself or the person you are with about the painting. If it is portrait do you like the person? what income do they have? what is in the background? why this one? Some of the answers will lead to other questions and something you have been thinking about a different solution may pop in – you are creative.

Another question to ask is how did the museum receive the art it shows? Some pieces were given or donated, but all of them? In some museums, there are collections governments stole from other countries to view them in their homeland because they wanted to protect the art. For many years, when governments or miltary commands went into another land to the winner went the spoils of “rape” and pillage. The pillage is what we are interested in – that mean gold, what could be sold including art. Some of the world’s greatest museums have collections that pillage played a part. As art became a commodity for people to buy and sell at higher prices, art theft came into the world. In a book called the Museum of the Missing – A History of Art Theft by Simon Houpt published by Sterling Publishing Inc, New York, 2006.

When wars go on, the countries art treasures are at risk and will be taken. After WW II the Soviets had a department to take art from Germany which looted most of Europe to sell and put in their museums. The Germans had a department which examined a country’s artworks prior to invasion of a country. After the Germans had taken over the country they looted the artworks. In the world of art, there has been many forgeries and as technology has gotten better, the history of the painting – who owned it has been made more important. The Gulf Wars included the looting of museums. People have stolen art for countless of reasons – to admire it, although if art is stolen, who can see it? As prices go up, security is more important.

Linking to dividend paying stocks, at least when you buy these type of companies there is no forgery, just an entry on your holdings and when dividends are paid either you will own more shares or your cash account increases. When the dividends are received in your account the money is clean and you can easily sleep in the evenings.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.

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