Dividends and The Witch of Lime Street

After WW 1 and the lost of many young soldiers their parents turned to their religion to find solace in their deaths. The mainstream religions meant people had to accept the death and move along with their lives. Some people went to a movement called spiritualism or try to communicate with the spirit world. There is an age old question, what happens after we die? Since no one knows, there are many theories and whatever works best for you is the good thing. It is the reason why many do something the person would have like on their memorial, but most of us can not talk to spirits.

After WW 1, people such as Sir Arthur Conan Doyle who wrote Sherlock Holmes used their influence to talk about spiritualism. In our day, one considers a popular music group touring different venues across the country to sold our houses, Sir Arthur did the same type of thing. In a book called The Witch of Lime Street – Séance, Seduction and Houdini in the Spirt World written by David Jaher, published by Crown Publishers, New York, 2015, the author outlines this part of American history. On many occasions, going to a séance is to be fraud, so one should be very skeptical. A magazine of the day Scientific American challenged those who conducted measures into the spirit world to be rationally examined and those that succeed would when a prize of $2,500. It was very rare to find a séance which was not rigged in advance by trick wires or something. The judges included Harry Houdini. Mr. Houdini had been involved in the fraud aspect of life before he became famous for getting out of locked devices or daring escapes. He had a passion for finding people who were ripping others off or were charlatans. He was also trying to communicate with his mother.

There  was a lady who seemingly could communicate with a ghost who lived on Lime Street in Boston. Was it possible?

Linking to dividend paying stocks, most investors believe they are rational and can make decisions that will be in the long term good for them. Then they are drawn to the other reason for investing, make money now and sometimes they are right and sometimes they are wrong. The rational approach says to invest in profit making companies at good prices and can pay a dividend. In this fashion you are protected from the downside as well as have plenty of upside. At some point in your investing, you should risk money on speculative stocks because you will learn how the stocks are pitched. When you have learned your lessons and many of us need to lose money to learn a lesson, the idea is not to have too many lessons, then you will know what not to look for. When you look at the other ideas, have a longer term horizon can make you wealthier.

There are more questions than answers, till the next time – to raising questions.




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